Written in 2014…

Idyllic realities:::Do Not Exist. The physical condition in which we live in is a very fragile and not built to last. What is it was? What would we do with unlimited time on this plane? Would we become the painter or artist we always wanted to be? Would we discover something that no one else has? Perhaps not because there would be no reason to do so. There would be no thoughts that have not been thought of and been attempted and or perfected by another such being as ourselves. The Human Condition is a diminishing return on an investment that we make to ourselves and to those that have come before us and to those that will be here after us. Our short tenure on this plane is but a speck of dust in the infinite void that is this reality. The universe will not miss us after we are gone, only those who knew us and those who will remember our story will be in remembrance. Our body will fail us; our mind will drift to earlier times when we were in our prime, not of today in the Human Condition that we exist. Perhaps it is this “Condition” of birth, life, and death that we aspire to be more than the ones before us that blazed a path so that we can have this chance, this small time slot in the streaming of Spacetime. When our body fails, and it will, we hope that we have a person to care for us and to comfort us in our losses and to take the reins when the Human Condition happens to us. We can only hope so…

Truth, Lies And In Between [In A State Of Wave]

So my new track uses the following Gear:Digitakt, VirusTi2, K2000vx, Behringer Neutron, D, and Wavestate. DOne in Cakewalk with summing of K2000vx, D, Neutron in a Mackie 12fx. The Digi/Virus use USB audio and Wavestate and Mackie outs to Motu Audio Express. So a real Hybrid set up. Audio fx were done in Cakewalk cept for Wavestate.#NewRelease ‘Truth, Lies And In Between [In A State Of Wave]’ by DjRenigade on #SoundCloud#TreadwayStudios#RenigadeCineTrax

Project 50 [Full Synth Mix] ReDux

The initial track was laid down March of 2019. Drum loops were added about 1 month later. It sat in that state for over a year. New gear was bought and ideas were had. Samples and production were added in July 2020 with VirusTi2 and Korg Wavestate and Behringer Neutron. Well over 8 hours of work was put into it.

50 min Jam track using the Behringer D, Neutron, VirusTi2, Korg Wavestate, Kurzweil 2000vx all on Cakewalk.

RenigadeCineTrax [dot] Com

Tube Emulation
N-Type Console
PC76 U-Type Compressor
Breverb2 80s-90s Super Clean
BPM: 100

1 Atlantis R
2 BsTaurean2
In Box

Korg Wavestate:
Vega Star Surfer 1 RMS
In Box

Sound 1
PX-64 [Mono 1 Sat Expand Delay]

Behringer D
Wicked 01
Sonitus Reverb

Kurzweil 2000:
New Horizon

Other Gear:
Yamaha Hs8
Mackie Mix12fx
Motu Audio Express
Hosa SLW-333 Switcher
Audio-Technica ATH-M50x
VModa Crossfade LP2
Zoom HS5


Released by:Treadway StudiosRelease date:25 July 2020

P-line:℗ C&P 2020 Treadway Studios