Truth, Lies And In Between [In A State Of Wave]

So my new track uses the following Gear:Digitakt, VirusTi2, K2000vx, Behringer Neutron, D, and Wavestate. DOne in Cakewalk with summing of K2000vx, D, Neutron in a Mackie 12fx. The Digi/Virus use USB audio and Wavestate and Mackie outs to Motu Audio Express. So a real Hybrid set up. Audio fx were done in Cakewalk cept for Wavestate.#NewRelease ‘Truth, Lies And In Between [In A State Of Wave]’ by DjRenigade on #SoundCloud#TreadwayStudios#RenigadeCineTrax

Project 50 [Full Synth Mix] ReDux

The initial track was laid down March of 2019. Drum loops were added about 1 month later. It sat in that state for over a year. New gear was bought and ideas were had. Samples and production were added in July 2020 with VirusTi2 and Korg Wavestate and Behringer Neutron. Well over 8 hours of work was put into it.

50 min Jam track using the Behringer D, Neutron, VirusTi2, Korg Wavestate, Kurzweil 2000vx all on Cakewalk.

RenigadeCineTrax [dot] Com

Tube Emulation
N-Type Console
PC76 U-Type Compressor
Breverb2 80s-90s Super Clean
BPM: 100

1 Atlantis R
2 BsTaurean2
In Box

Korg Wavestate:
Vega Star Surfer 1 RMS
In Box

Sound 1
PX-64 [Mono 1 Sat Expand Delay]

Behringer D
Wicked 01
Sonitus Reverb

Kurzweil 2000:
New Horizon

Other Gear:
Yamaha Hs8
Mackie Mix12fx
Motu Audio Express
Hosa SLW-333 Switcher
Audio-Technica ATH-M50x
VModa Crossfade LP2
Zoom HS5


Released by:Treadway StudiosRelease date:25 July 2020

P-line:℗ C&P 2020 Treadway Studios