Slipstream Jump

Track created using Vegas Video. Korg Wavestate, VirusTi2, and Behringer D in Cakewalk

Main: FX: EQ Tube Emulation PC76 U-Type Compressor BPM: 100 Virus: 1 OB 8 RS 2 “‘*’) CM Korg Wavestate: The Traveler FX: EQ Behringer D Distortion Overdrive FX: Kurzweil 2000: 285 Nightmare 105 Into The Abyss 50% Wet FX: EQ Other Gear: Yamaha Hs8 Motu Audio Express Mackie Mix12fx Hosa SLW-333 Switcher Audiio-Technica ATH-M50x VModa Crossfade LP2 Zoom HS5

Korg Wavestate, A Few Thoughts

After having the Wavestate for a few weeks, a thoughts come to mind. For a totally digital sample based synth, it is incredibly expressive. The programming is not easy and i have only this week created my first few custom patches. It will take years to fully understand just how powerful this unit is!

I am going back to a few older tracks and adding the Wavestate to it and Remastering using different compression and it adds tremendous depth to the song that imo, they lacked. The depth and expressiveness of the tones that are created are just impressive! The total control you have over them is second to none and a very amazing update too the early 90s Wavestation. I am fortunate to have gotten it when i did and look forward to spending lots more time with it.

Here is a live video i did while using the Wavestate on Facebook. Hope you enjoy it! Here is the link: