48 Minute Night Sky

48 Minute Night Sky, originally uploaded by RMStringer.

The photo secession was taken at a place around Lake Sam Rayburn on the road to the new State Fish Hatchery. We like to call it “Little Tunguska” because of the look the environment has. The area has no lights or ambient light from the surrounding area. While were out, we saw 25 of the Leonoid Meteorites in the night sky.

It was taken using the Sony 18-70mm Lens and made using the program called Startrails. I took 64 different photos that were 45 seconds long at ISO800. The focal length was 18mm at f/3.5 from 10.39pm to 11.09pm CST facing the North Western Sky. I used the Opetka Programmable Wired Shutter Release to accomplish this photography set . This photo is the equivalent of a 48 minuet timed exposure.

The purple tint in the upper corners is due to the CCD Sensor heating up for the use of the equipment. There is noting that i can do about that. I am going to try another technique to see if i can eliminate it.


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