Schneider-Kreuznach: Componon f/4 40mm

Componon 40mm f/4, originally uploaded by RMStringer.

This Componon set up that i have will fit any 55mm front end lens. I cut a hole in a 55mm Lens Cap and and used the threads on the Componon to screw it into the Lens Cap.

This lens is an enlarger. It states that The F4/40mm is for 24mm x 24mm neg. Componons are enlarging lenses.

I have had this little lens for over 20 years and i do not know why i kept it. I did not have a DSLR camera back then.

I used a lens cap and made a hole through the center and placed it on the top of my Sony 18-70mm Lens as well as several other lenses that i have in my possession.

Whit that setup that i am using to hold the lens, you get some Vignetting due to the size difference between the base lens Aperture and the fixed Aperture of this lens.


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