Dj Renigade – ParkStudiosJTX [#16 Old XP Pro Computer Mix]

New Mix folks!!!

Here is link:



Another 80 mix of Electronica

from amazing artists around the planet!

All credit goes to the Original Artist(s)!!

I just place them in this order for you listening pleasure!

Stay Tuned for another mix in the coming weeks!

Much Love from Dj Renigade!

A small mix i did…

I did this mix about 2 years ago. Go and get it at this URL:

I do not normally self promote, but the few people that have listened to it, liked it.

It is called: Dj Renigade – Latenight Into The 21st Century (Take 3.3.1 Final)
65 minutes of samples and music. I will not post a track listing as i think that most of you will know the songs!!


What is your opinion?