Summer 2012 Long Mix Rev 5-6-2-Final

Summer 2012 Long Mix Rev 5-6-2-Final

This is inspired by The Klf “Chill Out” album from 1990!   It is a musical journey and not a race. Lots of samples used and much respect to the original artists and communicators who’s music i used to make this 80 minute mix! I hope you enjoy the mix.  It was a labor of love!

It took me about 1 month to get all the samples and sounds the way i liked them and even then, i still find stuff that i wished i had done a little different.  I use Soundforge 10 and a lot fo different DX and VST plugins.  I use no keyboards or midi controllers.

This is just how my mind works sometimes, making the jump from rock to an old 1980s or even a 1970s country song in the flow of things…

Hybrid, a band and much more

This is not a normal post from me. I really don’t gush about stuff on here but this is needing just such a post!!

Hybrid (Main Site)

It is really neat to go back and revisit some music. Hybrid, WoW!!   I listened to them way back when they came out and i LOVED their music.

My tastes changed, i guess. I am not really sure why i picked back up the band.  They did a Depeche Mode cover and i was like Nice!! SO i then went to listen to an old album and was like they have not changed for the most part, Still amazing production and have kept their musical journeys going to greater realms!!

Now, going back to them and getting the new stuff and filling in the gaps and am just FLOORED!! They sound not of this world and every album is an adventure.  Great beats with very lush soundscapes and amazing male/female vocals with brooding fanciful or dark lyrical content! Just massive production with the likes not heard in a very long time!   I get chills…  I MUST insist that you, my readers, CHECK out this group!!

Hybrid Discography

Wide Angle

◄ (11 versions)

Distinct’ive Records 1999  

Remix And Additional Production By…

◄ (4 versions)

Distinct’ive Breaks Records 2000  

Live Angle: Sydney


X-Over Recordings 2000  

Morning Sci-Fi

◄ (7 versions)

Distinct’ive Records, Distinct’ive Records 2003  

Maida Vale Live Session

(File, MP3)

Distinct’ive Records 2003  


(CDr, Promo)

EMI 2004  



Music House (3) 2005  

I Choose Noise

◄ (3 versions)

Distinct’ive Records 2006  


◄ (5 versions)

Distinct’ive Records 2007  

Disappear Here

◄ (7 versions)

Distinct’ive Records 2010  

Hybrid / Tom SaltaGhost Recon: Future Soldier (Original Game Soundtrack) (31xFile, WAV)

Ubisoft 2012